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JORGEP035: Crafting with my Mom

Spend time with my mother in her crafting workshop and tell a couple of funny stories. Along the way I find out she was a video editor back in the day. Very cool!

JORGEP031: Birthday Thoughts

I turned 55  this week -- That means I begin my 56th year on earth !  -- Just a short episode to reflect on the day, and thank everyone for they kindness in reaching out and wishing me a happy day!

JORGEP029: Met My Parallel Self

in this episode, I talk about a person I met that is doing what I imagined I would be doing if I was not doing what I am doing today.       It was a very cool experience talking to him.      My parallel self!

JORGEP027: Conference Season

Like most industries, mine, the high tech/technology industry, has its season of physical conferences. The big ones bring 10 - 15 thousand people, while the smaller one probably around 1,000 or so..    But does it make sense to attend just because of content anymore?    Listen to this …