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  • The term: InfraOps at Derbycon 2015

    The term: InfraOps at Derbycon 2015

    This is a shout-out to  Karthik Rangarajan Daniel Tobin for bringing the topic of InfraOps   in their Derbycon 2015 presentation: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love InfraOps Excellent job – loved the presentation! Their position: In the last two years, the ideal organization of security amongst other teams has been hotly debated. […]

  • Brief History of DevOps

    I just ran into a great summary of the History of DevOps by Damon Edwards. Very nice explanation he published back in Sep 17, 2012  (Very glad it is still available) It is cool he mentions Andrew  Shaffer, and his 2008 presentation called  “Agile Infrastructure”   — His talk can be seen in YouTube here With all of […]

  • Windows 10 Version Feature Comparison

    Good quick summary chart from Microsoft on the Windows 10 features  by version.. Windows 10 Enterprise will come with key features for enterprises, including Direct Access,  AppLocker, BranchCache, and Start Screen Control with Group Policy.  However, Windows 10 Pro also comes business-ready  features, like Domain Join, Bitlocker, Enterprise Mode Intenret Explorer, Assigned Access 8.1, and […]

  • Microsoft Surface Comparison

    Thought this might be of interest… An Microsoft Surface review was published by http://anandtech.com in early February… Anand was interviewed in a recent Tekzilla Episode (forward to timestamp 15:40) to talk about the pros and cons of the device…  Check it out… Comparison of versions against the iPad follow: See also their:  Microsoft Surface Pro […]

  • System Center 2012 SP1 Released.

      Back in December Microsoft released System Center 2012 SP1 (Service Pack 1) to manufacturing.   Much has been written about it since…   The good news is that   it was officially released (general availability)  yesterday. With System Center 2012 SP1, you get the most cost effective and flexible platform for managing your traditional datacenters, private and […]

  • BrianMadden.com refocus

    If you are in this business, you are well aware of the great work Brian Madden and his team have done in producing fantastic content and guidelines on the topic of Virtualization… A recent blog article, Brian Madden makes some excellent points regarding the current state of Mobility Management,  IT Consumerization and Desktop Virtualization. Mobility Device […]

  • Microsoft adds Windows 8 Upgrade Course

    Just received note that a new course was published  to get tech-folks ready for enterprise-level deployments of Windows 8, specifically on how to go about Windows 8 upgrades. The course, now available at the Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA),  is under the heading Planning and Preparing for Windows 8 and consist of the following modules: Assessing Compatibility of […]

  • Initial Thoughts on Windows 8

    I have been using Windows 8 on my primary laptop for about 30 days now, and have been very pleased with the experience. I am a semi-typical knowledge worker /  technology consultant who travels a lot.   My office is wherever I can find a small desk area and an internet connection.    My laptop is configure […]

  • Microsoft System Center WebCasts

    Microsoft teams have  been doing a fantastic job keeping the webcast  events on System Center available for playback if you were not able to make it when live. I think this series is a must for all of us working with System Center TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft Does IT: Deploying Windows 7 Using System Center […]

  • TechEd SCCM 2012 Sessions

      As mentioned in an earlier post,  Microsoft is doing a great job at letting folks that could not attend TechEd 2012,  access the great content that was presented..  There is a ton that is changing… exciting times for sure!! Now they have made most session available on their MSDN Channel9  site which you can […]

  • Lync Mobile Deployment Considerations

    Article Written by:  Rob West If you are a Lync system administrator or IT Pro, you’ve probably heard about Lync Mobility clients being released. Such a cool thing. One-click conference joining, mobile presence, etc. Why wouldn’t you just roll it out, organization wide to everyone with a mobile phone or tablet? Well, just slow down […]

  • MCU in the Cloud

    Article written by Rob West If you’ve got Lync, or another Voice over IP and collaboration solution in your organization, you’ve likely also got another video conferencing solution. Or, let’s say that you only have one, but your clients and partners have another one or two or three. What happens when you want to bridge […]

  • MMS2012 content available

    Could not attend MMS2012 in Vegas this year?   Not to worry! Microsoft has posted all of the PowerPoint and videos for free at http://www.mms-2012.com/digitalmms regardless if you attended or not.  You can register and browse through the sessions… Thank you Microsoft!! For those of you that want to download the content for offline viewing: Videos: […]

  • Updated IPD from Microsoft

    The Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) guides series have been updated to reflect the version upgrades and changes to the Microsoft product line in the past few months. Definitely worth the review: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc196387.aspx As a reminder: The series is a collection of documents that leads the reader through a sequence of core decision points to […]

  • Microsoft Hyper-V

    When considering VMware to address the Server Virtualization environment, take a moment to consider another more cost effective alternative: Microsoft Virtual Server. Although Virtual Server does not currently offer VMware features such as VMotion, Site Recovery, Converter, etc. Microsoft is spending a lot of development dollars making sure that the Virtual Server environment is in […]

  • When to Baseline a Project Plan (Microsoft Project)

      This is a common topic of conversation and it comes up every time I start a project… Best advice I have found follows: As the Project Manager you need to know what to, who should do what, when it should be done, why it should be done, the cost for it and a variety […]

  • Office 2010 Deployment Kit for App-V

      Just in case you missed it,  Microsoft released the Microsoft Office 2010 Deployment Kit for App-V   which will is  required for sequencing and deploying Office 2010 client products with Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V). The toolkit must be installed on the App-V sequencing station prior to monitoring the Office 2010 client installation, and on the […]

  • Windows Intune – Cloud-based Desktop Management

    The beta version of Windows Intune, formerly known as  System Center Online Desktop Management,  it is now officially part of the Microsoft Online Services. is now in full beta.  Windows Intune simplifies how businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows cloud services and Windows 7—so your computers and users can operate at peak performance. Windows […]

  • Office Web Apps available to 400M users

    If you have been using the Beta versions of the Office 2010 WebApps  as of yesterday – you are in the company of 400 million friends! Yes – in a very unexpected announcement,  Microsoft and Facebook made available http://docs.com – which allows Facebook users to collaborate using Office 2010 Web Apps. Now you can discover, […]

  • Windows Intune: Cloud Desktop Management

    The beta version of Windows Intune is now in full beta. Windows Intune simplifies how businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows cloud services and Windows 7—so your computers and users can operate at peak performance. Windows Intune delivers cloud-based management and security capabilities that can be administered through a single Web-based console, enabling your […]

  • Calista products coming out: RemoteFX

    Two years after being acquired, the Calista team and product set are finally coming out for air! The upcoming version of Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 will incorporate the RemoteFX – a set of  RDP technologies which will vastly improve the user experience when accessing remote sessions – most prominently graphics virtualization. The […]

  • Windows 7 N

    A qiick post, with something I learned today…. I am not sure if you have noticed or not, but on Technet and the VLSC download site, you will notice a downloaded titled “Windows 7 N” The N version represents a version of Windows 7 that does not have Windows Media Player included and is intended […]

  • [SOA World] is your App Infrastructure based on a the Postal Service’s Model?

    Article written by Rob West This is a thought-provoking article from LORI MACVITTIE on SOAWorld Magazine that poses an interesting point-of-view: …the US postal service doesn’t determine whether postage may be due or not until the package arrives at its destination. If the addressee isn’t willing/able to pay that postage due, the package is of course […]

  • Nice list of Win-7 resources

    One of our colleagues sent us a highly bookmarkable list of Win7 resources that’s definitely worth checking out. There’s great stuff on Deployment, USMT 4.0, etc. http://blogs.technet.com/askcore/archive/2009/12/08/windows-7-useful-links.aspx Let us know of any others –

  • New Microsoft Partner Competencies & Requirements

    If you were at any of the Microsoft partner events in the last couple of years,  you would know that  Microsoft has been in the process of revamping the Microsoft Partner Program and its ecosystem.  The changes officially started this past July when they renamed the Microsoft Partner Program to Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), partly […]

  • Microsoft BPOS Price drop by

    Microsoft announced that is cutting the price of  its BPOS services today Exchange Online from $10 per user per month to $5 per user per month. BPOS bundle — Online: Exchange, SharePoint, Communications and Live Meeting — from $15 per user per month, to $10 per user per month This is a 30% price drop and is fantastic […]

  • BPOS Migration Tools

    As we have mentioned in the past, many organizations are now moving from on-premises to a hosted solution (cloud computing).   One of the greatest values out there (for what it contains) is Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) —    We expect to have many, many customers to continue to migrate into this platform. With a  set of […]

  • Win7 VHD Released 64bit only

    As part of the Run IT on a Virtual Hard Disk – Test Drive Program, a   pre-configured VHD  that enables you evaluate Microsoft Windows 7 for 90-days was released yesterday. What is notable is that this VHD requires Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008, or the R2 to use this virtual machine, because […]

  • Summer blues…

    Wow – It is hard to believe how fast the summer came and went. As you can probably gather from the frequency of posts, it was a very busy time for all of us at the InfraOps team.  Busy working with clients and getting to know updated technologies.   Lots of activity, including  some much needed […]

  • Microsoft Assessment MAP Toolkit and Planning Toolkit 4.0 Released

    Some of us have been using it already, but just in case you did not know, MAP 4.0 is now officially released. As you would expect,most of the changes are around Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V, but there is much more.   Definitelly a good upgrade!   According to the official release, key new features […]

  • CompuCom Webcast on Data Protection Manager

    We thought you might be interested in the latest webcast produced by our colleagues at CompuCom and in close cooperation with Microsoft. It took place online on June 2, 2009, and it was about Microsoft’s latest release of  Data Protection Manager.  It covered a lot of ground and there was a number of interesting questions […]

  • WPC 09 – Anyone out there going to WPC09?

      Look me up on https://connect.digitalwpc.com/ if you’d like to meet up! Or, tweet me: http://twitter.com/infraops/

  • Solution Accelarators – Guide at TechNet Site

    Microsoft TechNet’s site has changed the way in which they present the solution accelerators.   You can now sort  according MOF Service life cycle and by discipline –    A very good move we think!   Also we just heard that the upgrade to MAP (4.0) is right around the corner!  More info on this can be […]

  • Webcast ahead: How Microsoft IT Deploys Application Virtualization

    Upcoming  Webcast: How Microsoft IT Deploys Application Virtualization The MDOP team has announced that on May 26th TechNet will host  a  webcast  to discuss how Microsoft uses App-V 4.5 and ConfigMgr 2007 to deploy and manage applications within their environment.  if it is anything like the one at MMS2009 it should be an interesting one.  Click […]

  • Office-2010-Groove and OneNote

    Office-2010-Groove and OneNote

    For those of us using OneNote and Groove, there was an announcement made today that would very much interest you… 1)  Groove will becomes SharePoint Workspace 2) OneNote and SharePoint Workspace  now a part of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 More info at: Microsoft Office 2010 Blog

  • Office 2010 Official blog launched.

    The Office 2010 Teamblog opened to the public a nice and   simple “hello world” message.   In that message they posted their first insights: … preliminary system requirements for Office 2010. 1. Office 2010 will be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. 2. Office 2010 will run on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, […]

  • Technology Wave comming in late 2009 / early 2010

    Office 2010 is finally  coming out for air now – check out the newly released  Office 2010 Official Blog site –   This announcement prompted me to do a bit of a quick online check as to what’s ahead in the near future. Several new versions of Microsoft  software are currently in beta mode, release  release […]

  • MMS 2009

    One of our esteemed contributors, Jorge Pereira, has the good fortune of being at #MMS09 this year, and has been energized by what he’s heard. He’s probably gearing up for some posts outlining his thoughts on what’s happening in the center of the Microverse.

  • @InfraOps

    If you’re a twitaholic, and you like our posts, you may want to follow us on Twitter: Tweets by infraops We’re doing more of the short one-off posts there, and expanding the more interesting bits into articles here. Hope you’ll tune in and tweet with us!

  • MDOP 2009 released

    A new version of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) was realsed early April and includes includes MED-V v1.0, a cummulative update to App-V andupdate to  AIS.    This update  has been a much anticipated primarily because of MED-V which is finally available under the Microsoft name.   The official posting at the MDOP blog […]

  • The InfraOps Blog…

    Article by Rob West …was reborn this month. We’ve been traveling, speaking and writing so much that we haven’t had enough time to write to this blog. Well, that’s dumb, and has to stop, so I’m personally committing at least 2 hours of my week to doing the bare minimum: hunting down a few cool […]

  • Microsoft Optimized Deskop strategy presentation

    PDF of a slide deck on Microsoft’s vision for the Optimized Desktop. This sounds very familiar to us old hats. Download details: The Microsoft Optimized Desktop Strategy by Jeff Johnson, Enterprise Technology Specialist, Microsoft Corporation Presentation Deck The Microsoft Optimized Desktop Strategy by Jeff Johnson, Enterprise Technology Specialist, Microsoft Corporation

  • Microsoft will spend $8B to catch up in cloud computing

    A stunning piece of news that I would have been incredulous to hear if I hadn’t been there when they said it. I think Microsoft is taking some great steps in a thought-leadership position. Sure, they’re buying their way into markets, but that’s what they excel at, and if you’re watching closely, and ignoring the […]

  • New home on Technet for Windows Client management

    Microsoft really is getting it when it comes to OS deployment and emphasis on the client side of things. Most of my daily activity deals with this kind of thing, and it’s nice to have a starting place. This is pretty old now, but in case you haven’t seen it: Windows Client TechCenter Home Springboard […]

  • [GreenIT] SMS Companion v3 – Advanced Scheduling and Power Management

    I always visit SMS SCCM Expert in my rotation of must-check-for-update websites. They really develop some excellent addons and enhancements for my favorite systems management platform. One of their products that I had not really heard too much about struck me today. Let me back up: I’ve been wondering more and more about what part […]

  • Updated WAIK documentation

    Hey Deploymentfolk – Getcher red-hot documentation updates for the WAIK. The following site links to Microsoft downloads, and provides replacement documentation for the RTM version. Download details: Windows AIK User’s Guide and Unattended Setup Reference (Documentation Update 1) The Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK) is designed to help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), system builders, […]

  • [Tools] Hyper-V RAM Calculator

    A neat little Excel worksheet for calculating the total amount of RAM you’ll want for a deployment of Hyper-V. Could use some polishing, but would make a great start for your documentation. TONYSO : Hyper-V RAM Calculator Joeelway’s blog links to a handy Hyper-V RAM Calculator you can use to plan your Hyper-V deployment. Easy […]

  • Death of the Browser-Based Application?

    There’s a new buzz buzzing in the SaaS world: the death of browser-based applications. I’m seeing more and more of this kind of thing. Exciting times! What do you think? SaaS vendor quits browser to boost sales | Software as Services | ZDNet.com Any SaaS CEOs who are feeling bruised after reading Sarah Lacy’s Business […]

  • Windows 3.11 is dead

    Say it ain’t so… SOURCE: John Coyne’s Embedded Blog : It’s the End for 3.11!! It’s the End for 3.11!! for those that were not aware, we recently announced that effective November 1st, 2008, OEM’s will no longer be able to license Windows for Workgroups 3.11 in the embedded channel. Now we all know that […]

  • Getronics North America – Sold

    We heard today that Compucom has agreed to aquire Getronics’ North American operations including operations in the United States, the operations in Canada and the Global Service Centre in Mexico. You can see the press release from both companies at the following: Compucom: CompuCom Systems Signs Definitive Agreement Getronics:    Getronics enters into strategic partnership…  

  • Recognition for our work!

    We are extremely  pleased and honored that Microsoft has recognized Getronics work and continued support in fiscal year 2008. Specifically for our USA team, we were selected as a finalist in the category of   Advanced Infrastructure Solutions, Systems Management (LiveID required) for our Getronics Virtualization Services : Enabling adoption and management of virtualization technologies in enterprise […]

  • Virtualization Adoption and MDOP

    Although we typically work in the enterprise customer space, we have to acknowledge (and thank) the posting of www.virtualization.info team for their article “Is Microsoft MDOP slowing down virtualization adoption?” for bringing this issue to light. The article speaks to the fact that that the small / medium business market segment has little to no […]

  • Crosspost: Tech-Ed Keynote Highlits “Dynamic IT” and Virtualization

    Not to brag, but we’ve been preaching this message since we were knee-high to a rack full of blades. It’s good though: the more this story gets out there, the more everyone who listens will win. Tech-Ed Keynote Highlights ‘Dynamic IT’ and Virtualization June 10, 2008 • by Kurt Mackie Microsoft’s Tech-Ed North America event […]

  • Hotfix for SCVMM 2008 – now with 100% more Hyper-V RC1!

    Hot off the presses, System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 has had a critical update that will allow it to manage Hyper-V RC1 hosts (but, as a caveat, will not allow you to manage RC0 hosts…) [MSFT-BE] Arlindo’s Blog – IT Pro Evangelist : SCVMM 2008 Beta – Hotfix for Hyper-V RC1

  • 2008 Year of change

    Windows Vista has been out for a while now and hardware and software vendors have had time to update their drivers, apps, interface, etc. to the new operating system. Nevertheless (and this happens all the time) some specialized application vendors still will not support Vista and as a result, Windows XP and 2000 will remain […]

  • New Data on Vista Adoption

    With 150 million licenses shipped in FY’2008 (see Steve Balmer’s report,) we are always looking for news on Vista adoption. A list of recently posted articles on the Microsoft site follows: The white paper entitled “Windows Feature Comparison” compares the features and capabilities of Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista SP1 based on five categories: […]

  • Microsoft IT usage of SoftGrid and AppVirt 4.5 – TechNet Radio

    Just listened to an MP3, er, uh boss – I was working on the word doc you wanted me to update and was multi-tasking. Ya, that’s it. I was working and learning at the same time. Technet Radio has a soup-to-nuts coverage of SoftGrid and AppVirt and it’s best practice application for where it fits […]

  • A Good Week for MDOP

    Last week we had the pleasure of spending time with Shanen Boettcher, General Manager of Windows Product Management for the enterprise at the Redmond stop of his week-long press tour.. It was great to see first hand how much has MDOP plays a strategic role in the Microsoft’s desktop stack… He told the press that […]

  • It’s 11:00 PM – Do you know who your Remote Workers are and how they connect to the your network?

    In a recent survey done by Gartner of 260 enterprises, 90% of enterprises worldwide have remote workers, but 25% of those organizations don’t know exactly who those remote workers are. Again, according to the survey, the IT departments often have no idea who they’re providing remote access to. Are they executives, sales, engineering, etc. ? […]

  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 – beta available

    Now on Microsoft Connect, the beta of the excellent new SCVMM 2008. The sign up for the beta is easy and installation is simple and fast on Server 2008 (which I am way digging these days). What’s the coolest thing about SCVMM 2008? Probably the ability to manage non-Microsoft hypervisors (e.g. ESX.) Top 10 Features […]

  • Control freaks rejoice! SCMDM 2008 is here.

    And it’s the Wild West out there with all of the different devices, the lack of control and every one of them wants into your network. Business factors demand choice and IT factors drive the need for security and supportability. Is there a compromise here?

  • Server 2008 Core – Just the essentials.

    Microsoft Server 2008 Core could be thought of ‘server lite’, but that wouldn’t be the whole story. Sure Core doesn’t have the GUI interface we’ve all come to rely on with Windows, but even though it’s all command line interface, it still gets the job done for those servers that do specific tasks like network […]

  • AppVirt 4.5 RC1 Announced for Release in June

    AppVirt Enthusiasts, rejoice! At MMS this year, they announced that RC1 of Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 will be made available via Microsoft Connect in June.

  • Virtualized Banking Can Save Real Money

    Microsoft’s “Virtualization in Banking Survey 2008,” conducted by independent, Washington, D.C.-based research firm KRC gives some insight into virtualization findings for US and UK banking institutions: TMCnet had this to say about key finding from the survey: 53 percent of those implementing virtualization reported that it eases centralization of deployment and management of applications as […]

  • Great article on OU Design

    The folks over at TechNet have published a very clear, very concise guide to proper and rational OU design. If you are approaching an Active Directory project, do yourself a favor and read this advice. It’s getting hard-bookmarked on my end. Designing OU Structures that Work by Ken St. Cyr

  • Unified Messaging for Exchange 2007

    OVA is one component of the new Unified Messaging server role now included in this latest version of Microsoft’s email server. Unified messaging’s goal is to consolidate as many communication types as possible into a single inbox and Exchange does this by treating email, faxes, and voicemail as just another message which can be accessed through corporate Outlook, Outlook Anywhere (Formerly Outlook over the Internet), Outlook Web Access, Outlook Mobile Access and now using just using your phone while on the run.

  • DaaS and SaaS – ” …dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

    Desktone (http://www.desktone.com/) and more pointedly the generic term DaaS or desktop as a service is being bandied about and will help (I say “help” in jest) to muddy the terminology waters and give us a new buzz word. Really, I think DaaS has legs and will see favorable acceptance with the “greening” of IT with […]

  • AppVirt 4.5 on Windows Server 2008

    I decided to take a chance on the possibility that I could get MAV 4.5 Beta running on Server 2008 before a demo I have to give in Dallas this week, so I spent a rainy Sunday putting it together in a Virtual PC VM. Well, after several hours and re-dos, I got it, and […]

  • Green IT & Infrastructure Optimization: Are they compatable?

    Infrastructure Optimization opens the door for Green Computing with the ability to reduce overall costs via reducing power consumption through virtualization and by making better use of IT resources by more efficiently distributing workload amongst idle system resources rather than introducing additional systems.

  • Watch & Learn: SCCM and MS Deployment Toolkit Video Walkthrough

    Seen on The Deployment Guys: An excellent video containing a walkthrough on how to set up SCCM 2007 OS Deployment and integrating Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2008. Download Video Here (51.28 MB) Great kick-start for those of you just getting into this.

  • Virtual Desktop Visionary Stoneware, integrates Google Apps

    These are exciting times – when the humble world of HTML and JavaScript have been leveraged to the hilt, and AJAX applications now rival traditional executables in functionality and behavioral metaphors. Stoneware seems poised to deliver what many of us have dreamed about for as long as bandwidth has been increasing.

  • Upgrading from MD 1.0 to MDT 2008

    If you’re a user of Microsoft Deployment 1.x and upgrading to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008, then you’ll want to pop over to Michael Niehaus’ blog, where he’s posted instructions on this scenario. Seems they included BDD to MDT migration, but not MD to MDT migration. One thing of note from this posting (as we […]

  • Follow the “D”: BDD -> MD -> MDT!

    I certainly hope this is the last of the name thrashing on this product for awhile. For those of you just getting used to the name change from Business Desktop Deployment Solution Accelerator to Microsoft Deployment, the folks in Redmond have changed the name of this product again, and it’s now being referred to as […]

  • Juiced App’s and OS’es

    Brian Tinham over at Manufacturing Computer Solutions leads with a posting about Window’s 2008 Server Core offering – cool stuff. Even cooler for the virtual-set is the prospect of using the application formerly known as SoftGrid in a “what if” scenario to virtualize OS’es in a way that we don’t have in today’s Microsoft SoftGrid. […]

  • Virtually Speaking: Presenting — Presentation Virtualization – redux

    Amy Newman over at ServerWatch.com in her VirtualzationWatch column helps to clear the virtual haze that is virtual presentation. Glad someone is speaking to this – in the 30 plus years of virtualization each market segment hasn’t been able to define itself all that clearly. Thanks Amy. The cool thing about application virtualization with Microsoft’s […]

  • [Fun] Emerging Compute Model

    There’s a lot of truth to the following video, put together by the brains at Intel’s Emerging Compute Model center. Watch through to the end. I have a feeling we’ll be referencing that last bit in our own AppVirt discussions. If that doesn’t work out, however, I look forward to maximizing my bitwise calculations per […]

  • Citrix + Softricity + Microsoft – Softricity = ?

    In the old days, Softricity was a partner of Citrix. Citrix is a partner of Microsoft. And Softricity was a partner of Microsoft, but is now part of Microsoft. See where this is going? When Softricity was acquired, there was some industry speculation as to what would happen to the great interoperability between SoftGrid and […]

  • Sun buys Virtualbox

    Not to be left out of the Open Source buying frenzy, Sun has recently acquired an OS virtualization product called “VirtualBox” that looks to be a boon for developers and for IT Administrators looking for standalone lab environments. Sun already had a server consolidation virtualization product (datacenter grade) in xVM Server, but didn’t have a […]

  • Free Webinar: Desktop Management – The Business Value of Application Virtualization

    I thought some of you might be interested in a free event that our team is putting on, centered around the business value of virtualizing applications. For Infrastructure Optimization wonks like myself, this technology is poised to become the centerpiece of many future IO engagements for me and our team. Registration is free, and the webinar is an hour long.

  • Imaging Solutions for the New Millennium

    Is your company struggling with its migration plan to move to Microsoft Vista or Windows Server 2008? Does your IT Staff dread the thought of having to deploy new hardware in your enterprise environment? Do you still have technicians that run around with a handful of CD’s to deploy a new PC in a remote […]

  • MDOP 101 – What’s so great about the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack?

    If you haven’t already heard of it, you will: The Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, or MDOP for short, is an add-on subscription for customers with Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) coverage for their Windows desktops. The five core components of MDOP are SoftGrid Application Virtualization, System Center Desktop Error Monitoring, Asset Inventory Service, Diagnostics and Recovery […]

  • Microsoft AppVirt Ala Carte 4.5

    If application virtualization wasn’t on your IT radar screen with the previous 4.x versions that were Softricity SoftGrid I’d strongly suggest your IT enterprise get a POC (proof of concept) or pilot in place with the most current production version of AppVirt.  More on this later – see MDOP near the end of the article. […]

  • AppVirt Test Drive – On-line hands-on labs

    Buckle up AppVirt drivers! Microsoft has just released a set of “hands-on labs” for those of us that need to break something before we learn it. Good thing it’s virtual! Books, papers and PDF’s are great but if you’re looking for a way to check out many of the features and concepts through a set […]

  • Deployment Team: Technical FAQ

    This has been reported widely across the blogosphere, but if you haven’t yet linked this page, and you use Microsoft Deployment, stop what you are doing, and go here now. The MS Deployment dev team has posted a Technical FAQ based on questions they have received via Support calls and email. Lots of amazing tidbits […]

  • Office 2007 And AppVirt

    Best Practice Alert – did you folks in the app-virtusphere know that Office 2k7 was not initially designed for virtualization? I’m a bit bemused by the SoftGrid Blog team using that phrase “not designed.” I just wonder, with my tin-hat on, waiting for the black helicopters – did MS do this with intention? Will Biff […]

  • Got your decoder ring? One blogger’s predictions for Virtualization in 2008

    While I’ve not finished parsing it, Tarry Singh’s article caught my eye. I don’t normally read all of the links that come in through the ITToolbox newsletter, but anything with “virtualization” in the title tends to give me pause. Tarry’s article provides a (rather dense and obviously knowledgeable) collection of predictions for the future of […]

  • Virtualized Infrastructures

    During a client-call yesterday, once again, we heard the “very many challenges” that data centers have with all of the issues that come with the incredible and never-ending demand for application services within enterprises. A solution that’s well-tested and well-vetted for these ever-increasing demands for applications is the propping of virtual infrastrucutres. Nothing new here: […]

  • Server-Side Application Virtualization

    Doing some research this week, I ran into a website called www.jumpbox.com which is a company that provides server-based software installations using Virtualization technology… Essentially they do all of the hard configuration and settings work, and provide a Virtual snapshot of the application ready for it to be used… They have several open-source server-based applications […]

  • VMWare buys Thinstall

    VMWare has recently purchased Thinstall. This puts some heavy muscle behind one of SoftGrid/AppVirt’s competitors. One can only speculate what the San Francisco to Palo Alto move will mean for the product, but personally, I hope they invest heavily in bringing Thinstall’s feature set into parity or dramatic competition with AppVirt.

  • Hello, World – Welcome to InfraOps

    Greetings, everyone! We’re the Infrastructure Optimization team at Getronics, and we’ve decided to start a blog. After years of internal discovery, we thought it might be a good idea to give back to the community, by sharing some of our thoughts and findings around the topic of Infrastructure Optimization.