Tweets Latest: 2009-04-30

Tweets of the last couple of weeks:

04/19/09 03:18:33 Completed setup a set of servers in the  Amazon Elastic Computing platform. Very easy and straight forward.  –
04/22/09 16:25:56 MDOP 2009 and MED-V released — Good stuff! Looking forward to MMS2009 next week.
04/23/09 13:56:55 VMware Cost-Per-Application Calculator compares the cost of virtualizing applications on VMware vSphere 4 versus others.
04/24/09 00:10:01 Heads up App-V 4.5 users: you have to worry about GPOs more than ever!P policies are  no longer applied to the VReg
04/24/09 05:35:33 Virtualization market still strong even with current conditions. Adoption biggest market: UK, Germany and France.