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v1q8 – Released

016-02-05 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1q8

  • Replaced words in menu with ICONS
  • REST httpClient Interface fix after changes.
  • UpdateFiles: Add a system message to the top of the header if ADMIN logged in.
  • Rename adminDevTools to adminTools.php
  • created dbcreds.php to hold database settings (moved out of db.php)
  • if version.txt is not in CONTROL SOURCE, then revert to local directory and do nothing…

2016-02-04 23:55 COMPLETED======================= Increased version to v1q7

  • Update 00TODOHistory.txt file.
  • Change mySql_ to PDO based
  • Add routine for bitly credentials (currently in text file) // Included in VariablesCustomerSpecific.php Good for now..
  • Admin: Added number of days to spread Rollover entries
  • View error_log on Super Admin
  • Added show of permissions to Profile Edit.
  • When logged in as a user, user should be able to change his name/password
  • Fixed: when local the version line dooes not display the database/currentdirectory
  • Fixed: Directory in footer not showing when local.

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