4Sysops review on Altiris SVS Professional Streaming System

With Symantec’s purchase of AppStream, the application virtualization story is starting to get more complicated. If you’re a long time SoftGrid/App-V fan, you should read this story. It sounds a lot like the old days. As Microsoft’s product begins to retreat back to the machine-centric model, Symantec’s AppStream duplicates some of classic SoftGrid’s best (IMO) features:

  • Streaming of apps (not just virtual – “conventional” apps too!)
  • License tracking and enforcement, including the making of “trial” licenses – that’s cool.
  • Deep reporting – something that SoftGrid does, but never went far enough, and seems to be dying on the vine and being absorbed into Asset Intelligence.

Definitely worth looking at, if only to keep the heat on App-V. If you’re listening, Redmond, don’t abandon the user-centric model that you got when you purchased SoftGrid. The application isolation features are not the compelling part of the Optimized Desktop story…

p.s. Kudos to the 4Sysops crew for excellent articles, as always.

4sysops – Review: Symantec Altiris SVS Professional Streaming System

Symantec offers a more professional way to deploy such virtualized apps: the Altiris Streaming System. Streaming means that only those parts of an application that are actually required to run the functions accessed by the user are transmitted to the client.