I am passionate about technology and its use in our everyday lives. Communications, collaboration and fun. I am a technology consultant helping organizations of all sizes with their digital transformation technology needs.  I am also a developer (mainly HTML, PHP, Python, MySQL, Microsoft Power Apps, VBA), WordPress specialist, write blogs posts, and draw doodles as my creative outlet / relaxation therapy. A while back I wrote I am the sum of my parts which explains my many dimensions.

The gift of music (creating / playing) was not something I got on my DNA (believe me I have tried!) so, I use coding (mainly HTML, PHP, MySQL, PowerShell, VBA), blogs posts writing, drawing doodles as my creative outlet / relaxation therapy.

At work I am a Technology Consultant, Strategist and Program Manager who has helped many businesses achieve their business goals through technology-based solutions by assessing, developing and executing strategic plans that result in cost-effective business and information technology solutions.

I have been in the Information Technology services fields with over 35 years performing technical pre-sales, solution selling, public speaking, executive briefings, technical briefings, consulting, project delivery and program management.   Over the past few years, I have focused on customers solutions in the areas of:  Workspace Transformation, IT Consumerization, End-User-Computing (EUC) Lifecycle Management Services, Modern Device Provisioning and Management, Microsoft 365 and Windows OS migrations and management, Cybersecurity.


Website:   jorgep.com

Twitter:  @jorper98

Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jorgep

Instagram:   @doodlingjorge

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I like to think I am multi-dimensional, so a while back I wrote a blog post which still stands today: I am the sum of my parts which attempts to explain my many dimensions.

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My blog articles can be found at:

jorgep.comMy primary blog since 2006, where I place everything from random thoughts to article series to things that I’ve found interesting.
Books & Stories Starting in 2024 I began to self-publish some of the story ideas I have been penciling in my mind. Check out this page for more info
DoodlingJorge.comThe hub for my creative side – doodling.   including my art, merch and learnings blog
YouTube ChannelJust started in June 2011 – Never very serious about it but have posted a lot of odds and ends. ( InSeptember 2022 I consolidated my other channel into this one as well.

I work with  Dell Technologies Services team supporting large account across North America.

My Linkedin Profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jorgep

Available for consultation: Website Development (WordPress,Shopify, Etsy), PHP & Python development, , Artificial Intelligence

Just for fun:  These are some of the logos and avatars I have used over the years:

Retired Sites

  • DayScheduler.com – I used to travel a lot ( 200,000+ miles per year), and I needed a way to keep track of my days. I developed a simple little app that would allow me to show my availability and allow others to request an available day. Launched in 2016 as a way to help keep track requests for my travel schedule. It was rolled out as a SaaS app that helped many users do the same! – — End up closing it on November 2023 as business travel is still limited and much less after the pandemic. – Archived here
  • moderneuc.com Launched in 2018,  it is a blog about all things Modern Device Management, Modern Desktop.  Lots of great info on this new paradigm shift. – In September 2022 I folded that site into a section of Jorgep.com
  • enterprisal.com   Enterprisal LLC was a business vehicle where I offered some of my development projects / products.  Retired on April 2020.
  • InfraOps .com – Liked the name so I bought it and later sold it. 2019
  • 35notes.com –  a web-based application for taking and linking notes. Retired 2015
  • ConnectRelate.com – A card-base info tracking and link app. (neural networks!) Retired 2010
  • 35posts.com – A social media scheduler web application   Retired December 2008.
  • pptexchange.com — back in the day (circa 2004) an idea we had – which was later executed brilliantly by SlideShare.net (congrats!)