Tools, Products & Projects

This is a list of my current projects including blogs, tools, scripts, apps and other odds and ends I am working on. Hope this is helpful!

404 appHandler

PHP script: I have often needed a 404 page handler to manage shortlinks and have tried many that did not work for me or are complicated. So I created my own using PHP script … Check it out!

DayScheduler App

This is a web-app I developed to help provide visibility of daily availability and offer users the ability to request bookings. You can use it for free!

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Other Projects


A simple (no frills) tool to archive my Twitter postings in a simple table format.

More info

Personal Tracker

A Microsoft Access based Tracking System – Track Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, and much more.

More Info here

Timeline Generator

A no-macro based Excel spreadsheet where you can easily create a timeline chart. Easy to use!

Download here

Event / Calendar Manager

Written in PHP with JSON data, an event calendar and registration system

More to come soon…


Easy to use timesheet-based time tracking system with lots of features!

More here

Stay Tuned!

Always working on all kinds of things… In the meantime swing by

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