Excel Gantt Timeline Generator

In my work, I need to quickly generate timelines. I have been doing it by hand in Excel adding each tasks in a line, formatting the columns and then snipping the graphic into the document I need to paste it into. If changes were need, it was not easy to do, and started the timeline again.

It is one of those things that I have been meaning to create some automation for, but never had the chance until a recent set of long flights which gave me the perfect opportunity to finally get it done.

I wanted to enter a start date and then a set of tasks with duration for each line item. I later added dependency and offset for each line.

Sample Project

Currently the spreadsheet is based on week increments. It would be fairly easy to modify to days, and add some formatting options, but will leave that for a future release.

The Excel uses only formulas.

No Macros, No VB or anything that may raise an eyebrow

Please let me know (via Twitter) if you have any ideas, suggestions or modifications. Feel free to use to as needed!

You can get the spreadsheet below:

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