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SMTP Service for Smaller Lists

need to send a newsletter to a subscriber list of about 1500 subscribers to one of my sites. Since I do not have my own servers, and are in a shared hosted plan it has become a small issue and now need to look for something to allow me to send this inexpensively.

Top Free Tools I Use

I am always on the lookout for good tools I can use on my daily tasks. It is a bonus when they are free. I am thankful for those that work on these and offer them to the world via open source, donation based or truly free.

WordPress Site Configuration

WordPress is a pretty amazing platform….   I continue to be amazed at the ecosystem it has…   There are over 59 Million WordPress sites in the world, and over 23,000 plugins!


By now, I have done several dozen WordPress sites, and thought it would be a good idea to share how I typically configure (plugins) these up..  It is not intended to be a step-by-step tutorial, but rather more of a description of what I use.

Good or bad, this is how I do it and it is working for me so far…   I am always looking to improve things I do, so I welcome any/all constructive comments.

First, some basic guidelines I follow:

Read More »WordPress Site Configuration

Manage Digital Downloads from within WordPress

I have been looking for a way to  manage digital downloads from within my WordPress site for a while.   I have tried several plugins, but have never come across one that had all of the basic needs I was looking for.

Then I came across Easy Digital Downloads by  Pippin`s Plugins.


WOW! — It is a free plugin  that allows you to sell your downloads without expensive hidden fees…   Key features include:Read More »Manage Digital Downloads from within WordPress

Online Income: Useful Pointers

Directions1This is part of a series (online business journey)

With your comments plus other findings I come acress, I plan to  continue to update list in the future…This is different than the resources page on the site, as it does not contain any affiliate links.  This is for pure reference for everyone to see.

Side note: I plan to update this post with new information form time to time.

Below are the  4 podcasts that got me started.  I ran into the first one by total change (search result I think) and the were on the trail that follow ..   Read More »Online Income: Useful Pointers