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Scheduling Social Media Content Is Best Practice


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Today, having an established social media presence is no longer optional; if you want your business to survive and thrive, it’s absolutely necessary to be active on social media. Social media content must be of high quality, interesting, insightful, relevant, and above all else, updated regularly; with so many competing voices cluttering up the digital airwaves, silent feeds soon get lost in the ether.

However, as any small business owner knows, managing numerous social media accounts when you’re short on staff (and time) is next to impossible unless one engages in what is known as “social media scheduling”. Scheduling makes use of software/services, which help users to automate scheduling of content across various platforms. The advantages of social media scheduling include:

  • You will have more time to focus on running your business. Running a business demands all of a person’s energy, leaving little time left over at the end of the day to manually update numerous social media feeds. With the number of “must have” social media services rising each year, it’s become all but impossible to maintain a presence across each one without risking your business suffering in other areas as a result.
  • Scheduling keeps your social media presence consistent. Once your business accrues a large audience on social media, that audience is going to expect regular updates at predictable times. Using scheduling tools ensures that your audience is never left disappointed due to human error, as a programmed tool will never forget to update.
  • Social media scheduling allows you to access a much wider audience than manual posting does. Most social media sites have what are known as “peak times”: Times of the day when those services are most active. If these “peak times” fall outside your local time zone, or during hours when you are too busy interfacing with customers to update social media, you can use a scheduling service to make sure that your messages are sent out at the optimal time.
  • Social media scheduling helps you to work smarter, rather than harder. With social scheduling, you can post across multiple platforms simultaneously, which allows you to write a message and send it out once rather than having to send it multiple times (after logging into each different service). You can also program the same message to post multiple times per day so that it reaches a greater amount of your followers.
  • Social media scheduling is easy. Not all social media scheduling tools are complex, expensive, or difficult to use; Social Media Scheduling tools  makes the process as easy as making a few mouse-clicks. With the amount of time scheduling will save your business, it’s more than worthwhile to sign up and start posting—the easy way.

Some of the most popular social media scheduling services which allow posting to multiple social media channels include:  Buffer, Meetedgar, Hootsuite, Sprout Social,   EveryPost, Social Oomph, AgoraPulse and , LaterBro amongst others.

Choosing the right social media scheduling tool  for your business requires you to have a good understanding of what your needs, so keep your focus on the tool that will save you time and make your team work more effectively.   One additional thought:  Keep an eye for on your cost and budget ( See article: Social Media Scheduling Tools Can Be Expensive).


If you are looking for a tool to schedule social media content and manage your editorial social media calendar, we invite you to  to try, a comprehensive, team oriented multi-channel social media publishing tool that will not break your budget.