Cloud Computing – Basics

Microsoft’ Ron Markezich, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Online,  made available  a basic but interesting video  on his views on cloud computing adoption which he expressed at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Boston, MA

For one thing, chief information officers are uncertain how to fashion a roadmap that brings “cloud services” into their IT architecture. They also have questions about security, reliability, and control of their data.

You can see the entire transcript anf video here

On the same topic – an article  on the Wall Street Journal Blog  titled “IT Forecast: “The Great Restructuring” On Horizon sites Stephen Schuckenbrock, president of Dell Inc.’s Large Enterprise saying something I found *extremely*  interesting:

As I apply virtualization to 100% of my application install base, I now have the ability through one management lens to look across the entire estate. As the public cloud evolves, my ability to move workloads from a virtualized environment inside of my firewall to a virtualized environment outside of my firewall and use the same management tools to see the performance of that business, the optimization, the cost structures, et cetera is now in the hands of customers. It gives rise to the opportunity to eliminate a lot of the complexity.

If I was a start-up today, I’d be looking at management of virtualized workloads.

Truly telling of the world ahead..

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