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Jorge Pereira

OneNote: Microsoft Back in the Saddle

After years of “challenges” , Microsoft has decided to focus on OneNote and it is consolidating the couple of aopps out there into a single application and refreshing it look and features so it will work with modern hardware and a better interface

Non-Windows Devices with Microsoft Intune

Organizations that have already moved their Windows devices management to into MDM tools are now looking to bring other OS platforms like into existing tools and take advantage of a holistic, single pane view of the end-user computing environment. Microsoft Intune provides this capabilities

Windows 10X Update

A quick update on how Window 10X, originally a very targeted OS, is now a new streamlined version of Windows designed for security and performance and plans to launch in Spring 2021 on a new range of devices

Microsoft Cloud PC coming soon?

Device as a Service (DaaS), PC as a Service (PCaaS), virtual desktop as a service and cloud-based desktops are not new to the industry. Now a potential service in this realm to be provided by Microsoft as part of their Microsoft 365 service offerings.

SMTP Service for Smaller Lists

need to send a newsletter to a subscriber list of about 1500 subscribers to one of my sites. Since I do not have my own servers, and are in a shared hosted plan it has become a small issue and now need to look for something to allow me to send this inexpensively.

Cloud Data Security Report

Security threads are real and constant to every organization no matter how small or big they are. This weekend I just came across on of the best “easy-to-read” reports I have seen regarding securing data on the the cloud.