Best Shared Hosting Plans

Every couple of years I revisit some of the available shared hosting plans in the marketplace.

I have sites on every one of the short list – and it depends on the type of site/customer requirements that I make my decision as to where to place it.

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The short list:

Hosting CompanyWhat I likeChallenged with
namecheap.comWell priced shared hosting packages
Supports catch-all emails
Good price for domain names
Limits the number of inodes ( files) to
300,000 in some lower end plans – Plenty for smaller sites!
dreamhost.comWell priced shared hosting packages
Does not limit number of inodes
Does not support catch-all emails
hostgator.comI used it for years
never had issues,
When time to renew it was expensive
Got expensive
Does not support catch-all emails
Ideal HOSTING My Basic Requirements
  • Shared hosting unlimited files/folders
  • Ability to have catch-all emails (unlimited aliases)
  • Good management console ( I am used to cPanel but ok )

The other considered in my list list:

Hosting CompanyWhat I likeChallenged with
SiteGround.comNot sureIt is expensive for what I need.
Hostiger.comWell priced shared hosting packages
Digital OceanGreat for Kubernetes and full Virtual servers (VPS)
Great inexpensive VPS approach
Fantastic for developers
I do not want to manage a server.

There are many more, but these work for me!

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