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Very good video on how to start with WordPress 3.6

Often I am asked for pointers to “how to get started” with WordPress, and I usually tell them that there are a bunch of videos on YouTube they can check out…

The problem is that there is a lot of outdated content which may or may not apply..

I was recently introduced to the  77webstudio channel on you tube, and was able to check it out.     I was very impressed with the amount and type of content Katrina has placed in the channel.   The videos are easy to follow, and provide the content needed…     Although there are shorted 5-10 minute videos, a lot of the how-to videos are  about  90 to 120 minutes long, which is amazing!

[ Message to  Katrina -Please keep up the great job you are doing!  I know it is not as easy as you make it look 🙂 ]

One posted about a month ago,  follows:

How To Create A Website With AMAZING WordPress 3.6