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Time Tracking Web-based

Time tracking software has come a long way from the early days of having to enter time into pieces of paper and spreadsheets, which had to then be manually entered into the billing systems.    it was tedious and crazy work…     These days, web-based tracking software tools range from the simple, to highly complex systems with lots of options…

( Web-Based Time Tracking Software, Time Entry, Time Management Team Management)

From a baseline set of requirements I think the following should be there:

  • Easy to use  / web-based
  • Time Entry: Weekly-based Grid   Active projects pre-populated for user
  • User types: Timekeepers, project managers, program managers, administrators
  • dashboard for each user type
  • Easy reports interface
  • Ability to enter notes for each entry or the entire week
  • Ability to export to Excel
  • Approval

[  2010-04-21:  UPDATE: Found a great one TimeSOW by Enterprisal  – Been using it and love it!   well priced too!  ]

As for the product that I have looked at or run into are:

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