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Online Income: Useful Pointers

Directions1This is part of a series (online business journey)

With your comments plus other findings I come acress, I plan to  continue to update list in the future…This is different than the resources page on the site, as it does not contain any affiliate links.  This is for pure reference for everyone to see.

Side note: I plan to update this post with new information form time to time.

Below are the  4 podcasts that got me started.  I ran into the first one by total change (search result I think) and the were on the trail that follow ..   They are best viewed in the order that is suggested:

Side note:  the mentions below are completely unsolicited.  I make no money in recommending these and there are NO AFFILIATE links in them – straight to the sources)

  1. Pat Flynn’s interview (Episode 10) he did at Online Business Zen
  2. Pat Flynn’s  first podcast
  3. Pat Flynn 4th Podcastfrom at:
  4. Niche Micrositesfrom Internet Business Mastery :
    • There are 4 videos in the above link…   It is the process they go through that is interesting and want you to know..  Please IGNORE the up-sell to their course… The 4the is an advertisement, so feel free to ignore it..

If you are intrigued, and want to learn more, then go back to Pat Flynn’s site, and start reading and listening to his podcasts from the second one on… The majority of the  content is FREE and very worthwhile listening to… Simply amazing collection of articles and podcasts.  You can subscribe to their  RSS feed   (I like to start with the first one at the bottom of the page… and work up the list )

I have looked an dozens of sites, listened to many hours of podcasts and YouTube videos..

Sites and Resources I have found useful on my quest are listed below…

  • Smart Passive Income  – Patt Flynn is very transparent about his journey. So far the best resource….
  • Income Diary– Ran by Michael Dunlop  Great stuff!
  • Online Business Zenby Brad Smith. Good interviews, tips and content.
  • Making Money on the Internetby Chris Guthrie –  excellent content and a free course as well!
  • Internet Business Mastery –  A blog created and run  by Jeremy “Sterling” Frandsen and Jason “Jay” Van Orden —  There is so much stuff in here it is amazing!   A lot of folks, now preaching this stuff, and making money online,   bought or attended their workshops and products.   The downside of listening to them, is that they are keen on up-selling their products (a small price to pay for the great content they provide!)