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making money online

Online Income: Useful Pointers

Directions1This is part of a series (online business journey)

With your comments plus other findings I come acress, I plan to  continue to update list in the future…This is different than the resources page on the site, as it does not contain any affiliate links.  This is for pure reference for everyone to see.

Side note: I plan to update this post with new information form time to time.

Below are the  4 podcasts that got me started.  I ran into the first one by total change (search result I think) and the were on the trail that follow ..   Read More »Online Income: Useful Pointers

Online Income: My Goals

Waterton_National_Park_2009This is part of a series (online business journey)

Now that I have listed  a few of the items I have learned through the research,   I need to write down my goals and objectives so I can

Long Term Goal:  

  1. Disconnect my income stream from the hours I actually work.
  2. Being able to live and work from anywhere

Short Term Goals:

  1. To receive 3 consecutive months of passive income  (No specific amount is intentional)
  2. To actively learn (aka doing) as much as I can about this medium and its potential avenues

Read More »Online Income: My Goals