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Online Income: Research Summary 1

This is part of a series (online business journey)

As mentioned in the  previous post First Research, I began the process by doing a bit of research.

After the first couple of weeks of reading and listening to a number of resources (will post them separately,   a bit of a theme started to resonate with me…


  1. Overnight successes are possible but rare.  Prepare for the long-haul. (8-12 months!)
    • LEARN –> IMPLEMENT –> MEASURE –> ITERATE.  Get better!
  2. Write great content with voice and passion.   (this will pull people in)
  3. Do not make it about the money (people will notice it – see #3) its about the lifestyle and freedom.
  4. Focus will be your biggest enemy.
    • Too many things to distract you.  Write your weekly / daily goals and stick to them!
  5. If you think it is easy, you are wrong.
    • It is hard work to produce and get it rolling, but residuals over time can be high.
    • Once traffic is rolling, then it is self contained.
  6. Give away lots free stuff with no strings attached.    Become the expert!
    • Receive questions over email — and then answer in a blog post or email  for free!

How can you make money online:

  1. Solicit Donations
  2. CPM  — legacy from old media (requires lots of traffic needed)
  3. PPC –  Drive people to click!
  4. Banner Advertisement
  5. Sponsorships  (podcast on a topic and sell
  6. Premium Memberships
  7. Coaching: Groups / Individual
  8. Product Sales (non-affiliate) / Reseller (drop ship it)
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. Webinars / Tele-seminars
  11. Digital Books / Goods / Training  (Videos is the best today
  12. Sell your particular knowledge


About traffic:

Traffic is the oxygen your internet business needs to survive

Driving Traffic: (must have good content!)

  1. Buy traffic (not very Effective)
  2. Google Keywords
  3. Article Syndication.
  4. Show someone how to do something – then cross promote


TAKE ACTION!  Move forward, test, measure, iterate

  • You will learn with every step (forward or backwards) you take


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