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Controlling Multiple Computers

Like many of us, crazy technologists, I’ve had at least 3 (if not 4+) computers on my desk for years now…    Aside from your day-to-day one,  you must have the computer with the music library, then there is the laptop, and then the test sandbox one, where everything new goes into…

I thought virtualization was going to change things a bit for me, and it did!  Now I have  4 computers with 2-4 O/S guests each!   Crazy I know, but all of the sudden I feel like the sticky man commercial that can stop!

Anyhow, I have 3-4 LCD monitors side by side, and one keyboard and mouse to manage across all four computers as if they were one., scrolling from monitor to monitor (computer to computer) seemless…  (I love my setup).

My computers have mostly been all windows-based operating systems, so the tool I have been using ever since I can remember is: StarDock’s Multiplicity Pro ($50) which I have been loyal and incredibly satisfied with…

Three  key things I like about Multiplicity Pro:

  1. No hardware is required
  2. The ability to share clipboard items
  3. I can copy and paste files across computers

I dislike  that Multiplicity Pro has not been updated since 2006 (latest version is 1.22), although it works with Vista

From time to time, I go out and spend a bit of time researching what other products are out there…  I have tried (in my sandbox computers 🙂 ) a couple of other ones, which are great  considering they are free of charge:   Input Director and Synergy.   Synergy is the best one if you have one or more computers with mixed non-Windows operating systems.     The key differentiator for me has been #3, and I use it a lot.

If you have been using anything other than software based keyboard/mouse controller you should check these products!

Let me know if there are others I should check out.