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TimeSOW is a web-based project time entry and tracking system based on timesheets designed as a flexible and scalable solution to maximize user adoption, which… Read More »TimeSOW

Windows 8 – USB Drivers Signature Issue

On Monday, I was trying to place a presentation on a USB drive on my Windows 8 machine, and after a several attempts (different ports and drives) I discover that the USB drivers in Device Manager all had issues.  I had no idea what had happened, as no matter what I did, they would not come back.

The following message was on each of them:

Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)

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Link Redirection and Count

abacus1Every book, eBook, blog and podcast I have read, mentions the same thing:

You got to be able to account for your incoming and outgoing traffic.

When setting up blog you must be able to track your statistics (not only the people coming in, but also which links within the site are more effective than others.  This topic is also very much linked to affiliate marketing as most of the links that are used for that purpose are cumbersome and long…    What I need is a URL shrinking or URL Shortener / manager within my WordPress blog.  Read More »Link Redirection and Count

SCCM Ranger Training

From the Awesome Ideas Department, Brian Tucker has raised the idea of an SCCM Ranger training event that would encourage a team-based deep-dive into the management software, and would do so in a casual setting – a house on a beach, for example, rather than YACRIAMH (yet another conference room in a mediocre hotel.)

[Tools] PowerShell Remoting through Group Policy

Special Operations Software has released a tool that combines Group Policy and PowerShell, allowing administrators to push PS scripts to all desktops in their organization. This has a lot of potential to standardize and simplify what we often see out in the marketplace: a Frankensteinian tangle of KiX, VBScript, and Batch scripts running at login and at other times during user startup and shutdown.

News from TS2 in Seattle (Part I)

I attended a Microsoft TS2 event yesterday, and I’m currently preparing a report for my colleagues on what was announced and showcased. As I digest and remember everything from the event, I’ll post things of interest to the community here.