Tools for Managing Passwords

This is not only about passwords, but  all kinds of confidential data.

There are so many important numbers, pins,  passwords, challenge questions !!

Where do you safely keep all of this information?  

Some of my friends have a little notebook (yes old school!). Others keep all this info stored in emails or in Word/Excel documents —   Some have desktop-based programs  that store their data securely on their local hard drives.  —   Others have them all stored in their phone on a note or text file…   None of these are really safe or efficient – Crazy to think we are as bad on this, as we are with backups!! (Another story… )

Below is just a few of the programs that I recommend to

LastPass Definitely at the top of my recommendations list!
Cross platform clients (unix,iOS,Windows, Android, etc), Browser add-in to remember and auto-fill info on web pages, Secure Notes,   and sooo much more!   
Keeper If you want simply keep your secure info  synchronized across multiple devices (ie not interested in auto-fill)    then this is the program for you!!!   Very nice and it works with most platforms.
KeePass is an open-source program that allows you to secure your passwords with a single master password or a key-file.
Passpack works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox to sync your passwords between multiple computers.
Clipperz Advertised as a “web-rolodex for your passwords!

Definitely take it for a spin!

eWallet – Secure Password Manager: eWallet gives you all of the password manager functions you could want including generating strong passwords, securing existing ones, storing sensitive credit card info, allowing you to launch well known sites from the app to avoid phising scams and a ton more features.

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