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SCCM Custom Tools Now Available

By way of Brian Tucker’s excellent blog, Brian’s found a guy who knows a guy who has built some really cool right-click extensions for SCCM. These were a real cottage industry for SMS 2003, and administrators who were in the know never traveled anywhere without a USB key chock full of these little gems. Well, we’ve moved on, and now it’s all SCCM 2007 all the time (or at least, it is in my happy dreamworld!) and slowly, yet surely, the extensions to the SCCM interface are coming back. Brian’s article is a short one, but the pictures tell the whole story:

SCCM Custom Tools Now Available!

Just took a look over at Rick Houchins blog and his first post has what I have been attempting to do in my spare time. Great Job! I loaded it into my test environment and it works great on both collections and a single system. Looks like the backbone of the tools were written by some of the great folks over at too.