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View and Rename Multiple PDF files

I have many hundreds of PDF files and sometimes they do not have the a name  that corresponds to the content.   Renaming these files, has proven difficult to do as you have to look at them, exit the program and then renaming it to something that makes sense..   So many times I wished for a program that would let me view and rename all at the same time…

Silly me, I NEVER goggled it until just this week, when I really needed something, and found one that is just right!

Mike’s View and Rename PDF

This program allows the user to view and rename, individually, a set of PDF files. Files are first selected. Next, each file is viewed in sequence. One types a new file name and presses ENTER. The file is renamed, and the next file in the list is then displayed


Great little utility built on the NeoBook platform! — Thanks Mike! —