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Interesting Sites of the day

As I read articles, and surf the net, I jut down sites that call my attention so when I have the time, I can go back  and check further..   Up until now, I have been just keeping them on my to-do list, and then mark them off when I get to them.  I figure, why not just list them in my blog now…   So in no particular order, and with no rime or reason, here are the last few  ones I’ve checked and investigated a bit..  (recommended to check are listed as: star1_25x25)

  • star1_25x25
    Free tool that lets you grab a a portion of the screen, or a video, and then you can share. GREAT for demos.
  • Online teamwork / collaboration:
    • star1_25x25–   wrote about this one on this post – Great application for taking online / collaborative notes
    •  star1_25x25–   Simple and easy online multi user whiteboard, start skrbl, give out your URL & start working together. Sketch, text, share files, upload pictures all in one common shared space.
    • –  an whiteboard  for collaborative meetings or web-site annotations. No client software needed –
  • Online alternatives for PowerPoint? Fully feature?
    • (1)– it is interesting, but sticking with PowerPoint.
    • star1_25x25– excellent interface and features.
  • – A set of integrated web-based apps and tools for managing Professional Services firms –
  • – a web-based Asset Management system. Hardware, Software, Licensing, and more.
  • –  another blog / wiki / content management system
  • star1_25x25– Long time user – now more than ever – cancelled my XM radio.
  • star1_25x25 – Excellent web-based application to keep notes/annotations online
  • –  a long time user  of this one, but considering augmenting to
  • – Multiple Calendar Synchronization (outlook, + Google and others)
  • – an online calendaring tool.  (Have not checked it fully yet, but sounds promising.)
  •   – let’s you put together servers in a cloud computing environment.
    It is very much like  or Amazon EC2 but less expensive (I think) .   Focused only in Linux.
  • – MIX is an online community of  web designers and developers who build and believe in the innovative web.  Fantastic keynote sessions from MIX’08 and MIX’09 videos star1_25x25.  Worth the time to listen to it, even if you are not a designer or developer.
  •  –   Demos for emerging companies and product launches
(1) Broken Link removed.   Original link: