News from TS2 in Seattle (Part I)

Correction: Now I know why searching for “Fantastic 40” didn’t bear much fruit. After a little more digging, I discovered that Microsoft refers to these templates as the “Fabulous 40.” Yipes. Sounds like something I’ll be seeing on my birthday cake in about 18 months.

I attended a Microsoft TS2 event yesterday, and I’m currently preparing a report for my colleagues on what was announced and showcased. As I digest and remember everything from the event, I’ll post things of interest to the community here.

The event centered around Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Virtualization, Data Protection Manager and several other minor launches. It was a quick four-hour overview, and as such, not a deep technical dive, but for partners, it was a great way to get excited about these products and the potential they have for improving our customer’s IT operations.

As a teaser, one of the great and lesser-known resources that Microsoft provides for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0  is a collection of 40 application templates to get your business up and running using this excellent enterprise collaboration tool.

There’s a wealth of cool stuff here: templates for Boards of Directors, Business Performance Reporting, a Competitive Analysis Database, Team Work Sites, Timecard Managers, Change Request, Call Center, Budgeting, Inventory, Sales Leads and just a ton more. And, as with all cool things, they are free.

Microsoft refers to them as the Fantastic Forty. And, hyperbole notwithstanding, they might be on to something, despite the name. Get your SharePoint fix here:

Application Templates for WSS 3.0

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