personalTracker DB

personalTracker DB is an application that helps track information and notes on that information

personalTracker DB is a compiled Microsoft Access database application designed to keep track of records and record progress notes on those records.

Why use a personalTacker DB?

  1. Keep track of information easily and effectively
  2. Locally stored database (no need for Internet connection)
  3. Easy to use, fast data entry


  • Main Record Management
  • Activities notes (notes, email, phone calls, meetings etc…)
  • Multiple filters for main records
  • Search main records and activity notes and Google Maps Integration
  • Configurable field names
  • To-Do Application
  • Memo Application
  • Database Backup
  • Multiple Database-sets
  • Capability to share / publish data
  • Source code is available


  • Microsoft Access v2016 64-bit version or later
    • This application will not work with the 32-bit version of MS-Access

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Which Microsoft Access software version work with this database?
    • This database template will work optimally on MS access software version 2016 and the latest 2019 version. You can use the older version but it may caused bug or error.
  • Where can I find Microsoft Access 2016 or 2019 software?
    • Microsoft Access can be purchased individually, as part of Microsoft Office Professional Edition or Office 365 from Microsoft website or authorized partners. Make sure to choose the Professional edition package which included MS Access 64-bit version.
  • Is It Safe To Download This Database from This Website?
    • I am committed to build a secure and user-friendly database. All access databases and templates on this website are free from virus, malware or any other harmful objects.
  • Does the application support multiple users?
    • Currently support for multiple users at the same time has not been tested and therefore not supported.
  • Can I Modify The Database Template?
    • I am only offering the compiled version of the database. You can request for the non-compiled version by using the contact form in this website.
  • Licensing and Usage
    • Please note that you can use the application for free as long as it is for personal, business education or non-profit use. we offer support you have to buy extended licence separately.


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