App-V End of Life Approaching

Microsoft’s App-V Mainstream Support ended back in January 2008, the original end-of-extended support for App-V was January 10, 2023, which fortunately for many of us it was extended to April 14, 2026. Are you ready for this transition yet?

App-V has been the app packaging format of choice for many organizations. ( I have been especially connected to it since its early days when it was called SoftGrid by Softricity back in early 2000s) (Have done many posts here over the years

if you still are using App-V 5.1 (the last version) Microsoft recommends moving application to MSIX format.

Source: Getting Started with App-V (Windows 10/11) – Windows Application Management | Microsoft Learn

What does this mean?

The App-V client will continue to be available as standard on Windows 10/11, including Enterprise and Education editions (although it usually has to be enabled with Windows PowerShell or the Group Policy editor). You will also continue to receive security updates, non-security updates, fixes, and other support up until the Extended Support deadline. However, there will be no new features or functionality updates.

App-V users should transition to the newer Microsoft MSIX format

Microsoft released MSIX in 2018 as an improved alternative to its legacy application packaging formats, including App-V and MSI. However, App-V has remained popular as there were initially some compatibility issues, but Microsoft has continued to improve MSIX and MSIX App Attach as the support deadline for App-V gets closer.

Application Layering

Application layering (app layering) is a technology for delivering virtual applications that run-in layers separate from the desktop operating system but interact with it and potentially apps as if they are installed natively on the base image.


Although there is no real need to move away from the Microsoft platform, this post would not be complete if I did not mention a few App-V alternatives:

Installing msix bundle on windows 11

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