Behind the scenes: World of Lobsters

As you can tell, maybe not, the article Exploring the Fascinating World of Lobsters was generated in about 15 minutes using GenAI

My prompts were simple: here they are:

  • Are lobsters immortal?
  • How often do lobsters change shells
  • interesting. How do they reproduce?
  • how many types of lobsters are there?
  • Can you please sumarize everything we discussed about lobsters into one blog post in simple terms?
  • how many words in the last response?
  • I need it longer – maybe double the size please
  • There is no mentioned to how long can a lobster live – can you pleas add that to the last revision?
  • can you create a small summary for the last revision so I can include in the Meta Description?
  • then I went to an AI Image generation tool and typed: Can you give me a photo of a lobster in deeeper water

That was a cool process – 15 minutes! Amazing!

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