Build Specialized ChatGPT apps using ChatGPT

This past week the first OpenAI Dev Days happened, and it was, groundbreaking at many levels.

From the number of monthly users, developers using their APIs, GPT-4 turbo, ChatGPT store, lower pricing and many others. I will link below several articles for details.

The one that caught my eye the most – mostly because it is what my customers are asking the ability for users and enterprises to create their own specialized ChatGPT using ChatGPT ( natural language) with your own content, and they provide a way to make it public! – Amazing! They call it: ChatGPT Builder and it is available to ChatGPT subscriber. Link here: Creating a GPT | OpenAI Help Center

The ability to build and sell these AI apps without any coding knowledge is going to be one of the biggest shifts in technology this century.

Zain Kahn – (1) Post | LinkedIn

This should serve as a VERY strong reminder to organizations to make sure they have the proper policies in place for data use with GenAI and Artificial Intelligence.

Check this 4-minute demo of Sam Altman, OpenAi CEO show this capability without writing a single piece of code… .

YouTube Demonstration:

(2) How To Create CUSTOM GPTs Easily (Full Tutorial) (For Beginners) Build and sell AI agents – YouTube


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