Thoughts and Catches of the Week

It has been a while since I’ve posted an entry here.  I have been crazy busy traveling with work and general work.   I guess that is good, but I have to confess, many times while late at the hotel, I’ve thought about posting something, but didn’t, even though I had something to say…  I got to get better at this..

So a few I’ve collected that I thought about talking about things I can talk about:

  • I have been listening to a couple of podcasts (one video and another audio)
    • TWing (This Week in Google)  podcast during my flights.  
      What a GREAT  broadcast – it is about 1 hour session, and Jeff Jarvin, Gina Trapani and Leo Laporte.  Their transcripts and how wiki / comments on the site is also great – Highly recommended.
      • GREAT JOB guys – thank you!.  
    • Engadget  Video Podcast –   good one from Joshua Topolsky and team.
    • CurrentGeek  Podcast  by Scott Johnson


  • On Digital Good, I heard something very interesting the other day, which I guess I knew, but never actually realized:
    “For commerce, scarcity is no longer relative, and is an obsolete concept”. 
    • The context in which I heard this was the digital boxes
    • This really changes the way in we thing about commerce in general.  
  • Some things I need to check:

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