Communicating On A New Normal Day

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Funny true story / observation….

In my work I communicate with many types and size of customers on many different industries. Usually, I use a couple of video collaboration / conferencing software as the meeting is set by us.

This past week, I had a particular day in which i used the following systems:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Skype for Business (yes! someone still using it!)
  • Google Meet (formerly known as Hangouts)
  • WebEx
  • and one telephone call with multiple participants

All of these meeting occurred before 1:30p in the afternoon!

Later that day I was on FaceTime and WhatsUp talking to friends and family and exchanged a few texts with my son on Facebook messenger

All in one day! I guess we can say it is definitely getting easier to communicate!

This made me think…. This is what a customer, dealing with multiple vendors day after day has to deal with.

Not complaining, just an observation of the new normal….

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