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Working with Elementary OS

I have several older computers that serve different purposes around the house..  File Server,  Media Server,  etc…   With Microsoft XP coming to an end in April 2014,  I have been exploring alternatives  as Windows 8 nor 7 are viable options…   Again, these are not my primary devices, just single-purpose additional devices which for some reason I do not necessarily want to get rid of yet…

Ubuntu is something I have played with for a while, but the base installation was a bit too much for the purpose of these machines…   I found elementary OS  and I am delighted with it!!

The current elementary release is called Luna (August 2013) and uses Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as a base.600px-Elementary_logo.svg_-300x300

Luna has been engineered from the ground up to be light on its toes. It starts up quickly, logs in instantly, and uses the bare minimum of resources so that your apps enjoy a speed boost as well.

It has everything needed from the get go.  Only one thing I have found missing:  Flash plugin..   Aside from that, great little OS which will serve the purpose brilliantly…