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Glimpse at the New Generation

Had an experience last week that I have to share…

Last Friday morning I was getting a coffee in the lobby of the Marriott in La Joya, California   and just behind there was a couple of very happy very animated people talking to each other.    Not sure how to pin this, but their happiness was contagious…   It spilled to everyone in the line.    It made all of us smile.

After a bit, one of them asked “how I am doing” to which I replied with my usual “Doing well. Thanks for asking”.   Because of the day of the week I added, “Glad it is Friday”   

She asked if I was here for business or pleasure, and I told her I was here for business after a long week of travel.     I asked them “what about you?  Business or pleasure”

They told me they just got in last night to spend the weekend in an all weekend mastermind.

“That is cool!  What kind of mastermind?”, I said.

They replied, “There are about 20 of us life coaches that will spend the weekend working on the strategies to help our customers”.  

“How cool is that!”  I replied.   I think they were a bit surprised I knew what a mastermind was.   They were all young folks and I remember thinking, they may be too young to be life coaches…   By now a third person on their side had joined the conversation.  After a quick hello, I followed up with “What do you do…”    

Within a couple of minutes, I had responses from all of them, and their response was something I did not expect.  The closest to me responded first:

She was an online Yoga coach.  All of her business is coaching individuals do Yoga online.  Individual sessions to yoga instructors looking to improve not only their techniques, but also what to teach their students.   

The second followed.     He was a was a Vegan Transition Coach, where he helped individuals considering a vegan lifestyle, as they are just starting in their journey.

Finally, the third chimed in.   She was a Mom life coach, helping “mostly first-time moms through the anxiety and stress of the responsibility of caring for your newly born child”

As we talked, they were all doing it online only with no brick-n-mortar facilities, and they each had plenty of customers.  In fact, as we talked more, they said were turning away customers, and thinking of raising their fees to be able to have a more selected set of customers.

I was WOWED —   How cool it is to have 3 people that

  1. distinctly tell what they do in 30-seconds or less.
  2. Have online ONLY businesses catering that 3-4 years ago did not exists

Crazy to think how fast the world is changing…