If you’d like to write a guest post within a section of jorgep.com, you’re in the right place. There are a few things to consider:

  1. You should already be reader and know why your idea(s) will benefit our readers.
  2. We only accept guest posts from people (not on behalf of businesses). It’s fine if you want to link to your business, but the post should be from you — from the heart — and with your words.
  3. You need to have something unique, compelling and/or actionable to offer our readers. You could share your own story and the lessons learned. Share the challenges as well as the successes. We are always looking for informative, inspiring and/or actionable in some way. It should help other people in our community.
  4. The post must be original. You will not be permitted to re-publish the post on your site (or on any other site).
  5. Your spelling and grammar should be good, and you should be familiar with how to submit properly formatted posts.
  6. We do not open comments on our site – too hard to manage / too much spam – If you want comments or be contacted, then we recommend / encourage the use of Twitter to interact with the readers.

My goal is to read any requests and respond to you, withing 24-48 hours. Your submission is not a sign of acceptance. Please keep i mind that I may contact you with proposed changes.

Image Guidelines

  1. Images should be at least 1420 px wide with minimum 72 px/in resolution.
  2. In your article, specify where each image should be.
  3. When using stock photos, please send them in high quality with a link to where the photos came from so we check the licensing details.
  4. When taking screenshots, screenshot the entire page/dashboard and our designer will crop the photo as needed.
  5. If you want to pinpoint something specific on the screenshot, just let us know what you want to be pinpointed and our designer will get that done.
  6. Please include the feature image with the words: featuredImage-nameofimage.jpg

Editorial Guidelines

The following are some Editorial Guidelines which I found on the web that I think are fantastic! So I thought it would be good to place here.

  1. Prepare the draft and share it with the editor.
  2. Work with the editor on getting the articles ready from the 1st draft stage to the stage where they are ready to be published.
  3. We don’t mind how long (or short) your article is, so long as it is well written, concise and has a clear message.
  4. You do not need to include any images, but if images are integral to the article, add the image filename where they should be placed within the post and submit them in a high-resolution format along with your finished piece.
  5. We highly recommend you study and follow the conventions of the Yahoo! Style Guide. It’s awesome.
  6. Please use American English spelling (unless otherwise instructed).
  7. The headline should be highly engaging and “click worthy” and no longer than 65 characters (including spaces).
  8. Write headlines and sub-headers in title case (this is a good tool).
  9. Write using short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. Keep it simple!
  10. Your writing style should be direct, yet conversational and personable.
  11. Unless otherwise instructed, articles should be broken up regularly by graphical elements (i.e. sub-headers/lists/blockquotes etc).
  12. With regards to linking, please make sure all links are working. Absolutely NO Affiliate links on guest post. OK to post to your site, but no affiliate llnks should be present.
  13. It is only necessary to include title text within a link if further explanation of what the link points at (beyond the anchor text) is required.
  14. Please do not use ALL CAPS, bolditalics (with noted exceptions) or underlining (except with links of course!).
  15. Use a hyphen (-) to combine words (e.g. “full-time”) and two hyphens in a row (–) to create a break in a sentence.
  16. Please carefully check your piece for any errors in punctuation, grammar and/or spelling before submitting.
  17. Refer to books and articles in italics.

We look forward to reading your submission!