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Heart Breaking But Trying to Stay Positive

If you look at my social media channels and blogs, you will notice that I have rarely been opinionated or political, but the last couple of months have been sooo very hard on me personally.

I love this country, and I moved here because of it. Even though there is always room for improvement, I believe in it’s system and processes.

I am truly heartbroken over the events of the past week in the USA, when a crystal ceiling was broken. However what breaks it even more is the state of “disregard” that still prevails towards domestic terrorist / radical groups.

Freedom of Speech is not free and comes with responsibility.

While the US Capitol was breached, we have lost OVER 350,005 lives to the lack of willingness to act based on misinformation and stupid and imaginary stories that do not make sense. There will always be minority groups and bad apples to deal with , but how can so many intelligent / educated people fall for these is beyond my understanding. The truth is basic. You can bend the truth to whatever you want to think based on lies, half-facts and manipulation. Facts are facts.

This is not to be confused ( and many have ) with Republicans vs Democrats political parties. It is *democracy and human decency* we need to protect and cherish.

Anyone in public office supporting these kinds of behaviors is complicit and accountable…

This goes for Senate, House, Mayor, or anyone else who hangs-on and promotes the misinformation that continues to circulate out there. Alternative reality and conspiracy theories can not be the bases for democracy. These people do not seek to preserve democracy but bend it to the point it is destroyed. They are systematically deconstructing our wonderful republic, and they should be held accountable.

I have de-friended many ( some surprises) already, as I am sure some have de-friended me.But the true measure is that we have lost over 350,005 lives over this already. How many more friends / family / people / Americans will it take to say enough?

About Social Media Bans

Over the weekend many social media sites banned certain people and one social media site was completely was shut-down. In my opinion this is the RIGHT thing to do. Kudos to the companies that took those steps.

To the people complaining about this: It is very sad and troubling how you are deflecting the real issue: domestic radicals and terrorist are actively and openly using these platforms to plan the destabilization of the United States government. They should be banned, found and jailed for their actions. I do not understand why the law enforcement agencies we trust and rely on are not doing more on this. These are real threads.

Democracy Is Fragile

I love a quote I heard recently of Benjamin Franklin in 1787 when asked if what we have is a republic or a monarchy? He replied:

 “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Washington Post – December 18,2020

Much work ahead of us all. Cheers to continuing to stay positive.

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