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Home Security Ideas

I want to share some ideas for protecting your home that we use ourselves… 

We have an alarm system.     THE most important thing is to post the “this house is protected by… ” signs in very visible areas of the the back front and side of the house —   Back when we were looking,  we had many options  available in the neighborhood.  From Xfinity to ADT and many others.  

Leave your exterior lights and breeze-way on at night.      You can use motion detection lights and they work great!

It helps to replace the traditional key-based locks with self-locking keypad locks  — We have used them in every house we have own and they are very durable.   You have to change the battery every 6 – 8 months depending on usage.  There are many brands out there — Just look for  “keypad locks”  Side note: they can still be used with a key if you want.  

Using security cameras  to help us monitor our home.  With today’s WiFi camera technology is pretty easy and inexpensive to setup. You can view and record  activities. 

  • After trying a couple of cameras we liked the YI Home brand…  They are small, easy to install, use WiFi, have a SD card so you can record data, and need no service plan to operate.   You can check them from anywhere with a phone app (Android and iOS).  You can buy one and add more over time.      (We keep them inside looking out) 
  • YI Home Camera Wireless ($39.99)  

I hope this helps!