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Windows 10 represent a great opportunity to change the way customers deploy and manage devices, however it also represents a big challenge for many customer.  We continue to visit customers, and there are still a lot of them  deploying Windows 10 without understanding of its capabilities or new Windows as a Service (WaaS) cadence.  

We can help them in this journey to Modern Device Management!  It is not trivial or easy… We have lots of experience on this topic…

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First of all:  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Windows 7  End of Extended Support date: January 14, 2020 :     

Days Remaining to migrate your PC fleet: 

Total Calendar Days Remaining:  784 

Total Business Days Remaining: 537

Call to Action:  Ask your customers – how are you doing with your Windows 10 adoption ?

Windows 10 is not only a migration project —  It is a new way of delivering and maintaining the Windows OS that requires recurring and constant cycles of planning,  preparing and deployment.

Windows 10 v1511 support extended to April 2018

Last week (November 14),  Michael Niehaus posted a blog titled:  Progressing Windows as a Service in which  informed the Windows 10 community that Microsoft will be extending the End of Support for Windows 10 v1511  until April 2018 . 

The reason most customers are still in older versions of Windows 10 is because they are “stuck” in the old mode of thinking.  They deployed Windows 10 like they have deployed Windows XP and Windows 7  and have not adopted the new Windows as a Service cadence.   

There are many organizations that deployed Windows 10 as if it was Windows XP or Windows 7 and simply  do not yet understand the new Windows as a Service model and cadence.      

This represents an opportunity for all of us in the to provide significant value to our clients.  

We have  offerings that help not only understand and provide provide best practice but also plan, implement, deploy and maintain !

Ask your SSE or Deployment Consultant  to help you bring the message to your customers.

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