DaaS and VDI Steady Growth

A very timely tweet by Ruben Spruijt pointed me to an article by Gartner in which they forecast a Worldwide Public Cloudn End-user spending to reach nearly $600 Billion in 2023 an $724Billion in 2024.

The DaaS line item of this is about $3B with the big whale being SaaS with $197M

Source: https://twitter.com/rspruijt/status/1651871105034997766

An even more interesting statement in the article was:

Gartner predicts that by 2026, 75% of organizations will adopt a digital transformation model predicated on cloud as the fundamental underlying platform.

I have been working in the end-user computer area for many years and VDI / DaaS have been the elusive golden goose. Remember those years we all thought it would be the “Year of VDI”. It was almost there, but ultimately they were capital expensive projects which provided great value, but remained very expensive.

Desktop as a Service ( DaaS ) is about to turn a page. Amazon Workspaces, VMware Horizon Cloud, Citrix Desktop, KASM and so many others players are in the market, and now Microsoft strongly promoting Windows 365 things are about to heat up in this space.

The two key drivers for organizations reengaging in this approach are:

  • Organizations have finally acknowledged that PC management should not be core business
  • Business Continuity, data protection and security in the era of remote / hybrid work

Others reasons sited include:

  • Better digital employee experience
  • Enable remote and hybrid workers
  • Reduce Costs

We are in for another turn on this ride ! Fun, Fun Fun!


Gartner Report and summary article at: https://jorgep.com/SHfc

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