Learning about AI & Prompt Engineering

A few weeks back I wrote about how ChatGPT has reignited AI .

See also Keeping up with AI Resources below

Everyone learns different. Some require more formal processes than others. Some requirement payment others are free. Some give you a certificate others not.

For me, most of my “learnings” come from YouTube where people share their experiences and learnings, then I practice and love to make mistakes (Trial and error)- – There are lots of great (and bad) videos there… YouTube is also where everything new is being posted. There is LOTS good and bad.

Below you will find a list I have found useful resources in my journey and also some other recommendation. from people I know.

If you found others that you would like to post leave in the comments or send me a note via Contact Form

Basic General short videos:

Keeping up with AI

Moved to its own page: Keeping up with AI – jorgep.com

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