Michael Niehaus Leaves Microsoft

I typically do not comment on specific people movement but this one I have to….

Many of you know Michael. He has been the Microsoft face of Windows Autopilot for several years and before that he was the Windows as a Service chief communicator. He has been in to many briefings, conferences, partner tech events and everything in between.  

Michael has been instrumental Microsoft resource in this entire Windows 10 transition and move to modern device management. Lots of changes in the last 5-6 years!

On his blog Out of Office Hours, he posted that he is leaving Microsoft, and will be taking a few weeks off before he start his new job…  

So long, and thanks for the Coke Zero – Out of Office Hours

Thank you for your leadership, support and dedication! Your communication skills and commitment has been incredible!

Incredible ride for sure… Can’t wait to see where you land next!

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