Microsoft Modern Desktop Deployment Guidance

Microsoft published a guidance document (and associated video series) to help customers migrate to the Modern Desktop.

The Modern Desktop refers to Microsoft’s bundled product suite called Microsoft 365 which includes:

Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility & Security

(See my Microsoft 365 Explained blog post )

Microsoft’s guidance includes 8 steps:

  • Getting Started: People, Process and Technology Guidance
  • Step 1: Device and App Readiness
  • Step 2: Directory and Network Readiness
  • Step 3: Office and LOB App Delivery
  • Step 4: User Files and Settings Migration
  • Step 5: Security and Compliance Considerations
  • Step 6: OS Deployment and Feature Updates
  • Step 7: Windows and Office as a Service
  • Step 8: User Communications and Training

You can read more at Modern Desktop Deployment Center

You can also view the Desktop Deployment Essential 10-Video Series


Please note that from a process point of view, this is not new, however the way it has been published and presented is very good.

In fact, if we organize it a little bit different, it will look like many of the steps used in past system migrations.

  • Pre-Project:
    • Value Discovery & Business Case
    • People, Process & Technology Guidance
  • Readiness
    • Hardware Readiness
    • Application Readiness
      • Inventory
      • Prioritize
      • Testing
      • Remediation
    • Directory & Network Readiness
    • Deployment Planning
  • Implementation:
    • Application Delivery
      • Office / Productivity Apps
      • Line of Business Apps
    • User Files Settings
    • Security & Compliance
    • OS Deployment & Feature Updates
      • Modern Provisioning
      • Traditional Deployment
    • Keeping Up to date
      • Windows as a Service
      • Office as a Service
    • User Communications & Training


In my opinion, there is one key piece that I think is missing: Production Deployment Phase ( aka: Broad Deployment) – This is what takes most enterprises a long time to execute. Scheduling and execution of production devices is a phase of their own!

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