Modern Device Management Cost Savings Calculator

For those of you that need a quick and simple way to calculate cost savings of moving forward with the adaption of Modern Device Management principles and techniques vs the traditional imaging and PC deployment process here is a calculator than can help.

Disclaimer:  I work for Dell Technology Services as a Workforce Transformation Solutions Principal.    It is my passion to help guide organizations through the current technology transition specifically as it relates to Workforce Transformation.  Visit Dell Technologies site for more information.  Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer.

When I talk about the traditional model I’m using the standard Windows management stack, which includes Active Directory and some sort of management systems like System Center or similar

CapabilityTraditionalModern Device Management
Out of the box enabledNoYes ( Windows Autopilot)
Simple deployment without infrastructure investmentsNoYes
Identity / Access Management Local (Active Directory)Cloud Base: (Azure Active Directory)
Seamless user-driven experiencePossible with engineeringYes
Software inventoryYesYes
Asset Management / ITSM
Incident management and request fulfilment etc.
No Change
with third-party
No Change
with third-party

Click on the file, and you will see the Excel Spreadsheet that you can download and modify with your own numbers.
File: Simple-MDM-CostSavingsCalculator.xlsx

For a more in-depth ROI calculator you can go to:

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