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A few weeks back we purchased a used Polaris RZR Side-by-Side (SxS) to start doing some off-roading. So much fun !

I am not new to off-road, as I grew up in a country where it was pretty common to need to do it, but I have not done it in SOOOOO many years. Back then there was very little that compares to the machine I use today. It was mud rocks, bad roads (not roads sometimes) against the very hard ride of a 1980’s Toyota Land Cruiser, and we got into tight places so many times. I have forgotten how much fun it was.

Today’s vehicles make this sport / past time / hobby so much fun – it is hard to explain. Big thank you to wife as I am truly lucky to have the ability to do this in a place where there is so much to discover — My home base (learning area) for this new hobby is the Arizona highlands (Sedona / Flagstaff area) and specifically the Coconino National Forest.

I am very much in learning mode at this point. Learning about the vehicle, the maps, the GPS, the roads, the dust, the rain, the … well, EVERYTHING…

Very much looking forward to what’s to come…

My first (shacking) video on my YouTube was not my first ride, but it was the first I recorded.

Although there is no stabilization (lots of shacking) — Hope you enjoy it!

This ride took place in the back roads west of Munds Park Area of the Coconino National Forest. I was trying to find a view of the Munds Park Canyon. At first, I took a left turn road that took me to the canyon but had no views. I returned back to the main road ( 251J) and continue to the second turn which took me to the view!

My first recording of a ride it worked!

YouTube Time stamps:

  • 0:00 Start of ride
  • 9:15 Road to the canyon with no view
  • 14:20 Turn to the road to the canyon view
  • 24:01 Approach to Canyon with view
  • 47:18 End of the Ride

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The Route
For best view and to use the timestamps open directly on YouTube here
This article is part of the
Off-Road Tales Series / Check it out!

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