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A New Vision for Desktop Management – White Paper

A couple of years ago, a couple of colleagues and I created a two-part white paper on Desktop Management  which I  never published here…   Still very relevant so  here you go..

A New Vision for Desktop Management
White Paper by Jorge Pereira, Sean Kennedy, Rob West
December 2006

Desktop Management has remained largely unchanged over the past few years The ability to manage the base image, install and distribute software to those images while maintaining some level of control over those corporate assets continues to be a challenge for small, medium and large organizations all around. What started off as a simple process of proving end-user computing capabilities to everyone within the organization, and installing applications on every computer, became a challenge to manage. The landscape was slowly transformed not only with the advent of automated software distribution tools, but also with the introduction of centralized desktop management policy technology. Below you will find a discussion of the technical challenges facing the management of the Client Computing environment. The document explains the many drawbacks of traditional application distribution, and highlights the benefits today s Software as a Service (SaaS) alternative provides.

This article is intended to be part of a series of Desktop Management

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