OneNote: Microsoft Back in the Saddle

I have been a OneNote user for many years, and I love it. I have notes dating back for years. It is my go to place to not only take notes, but also where I keep my knowledge base – In fact I have multiple use cases for my workbooks including:

  • Personal Workbooks – Where I keep some of my memory / personal brain / notes
  • Reference workbooks which I share as reference and publish as read only web versions
  • Collaborative ( share them with other people can change / add information to it)

I think it is a fantastic application. that unfortunately Microsoft has not really paid too much attention to for the last few years and has confused people with the multiple versions it had.

The good news is that this is all about to change!

Back in the Saddle

After years of “challenges” , Microsoft has decided to focus on OneNote and it is consolidating the couple of aopps out there into a single application and refreshing it look and features so it will work with modern hardware and a better interface.

I just saw this video published 5 hours ago on my YouTube feed which caught my eye as there is very few new OneNote videos — This one is from OZTabletPC channel hosted by Brett and Mathew Gilbertson – that explains the changes that will be coming in the next few months! — Very exiting!

Key Changes:

Let me first say that the old Windows OneNote versions – OneNote (formerly called “OneNote 2016” and OneNote for Windows 10 – will still be available and supported until 2025 — so you have time to explore and expertise the new single Windows application. ( See my previsous blog on OneNote Versions here

According to everything I hear, there will not be any major feature updats on this new consolidated release. It will mostly include:

  • A refresh of the UI to being it into the Microsoft Office modern UI
  • Updates to support modern hardware ( cameras, pens, and such)

Let me firs say

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