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Photo Gallery Added..


Been meaning to add a  photo gallery to this site for a while, and I finally got around to doing it.[lg_image folder=”Markets/” image=”20100320121528.jpg” align=”right” display=”thumb”]

I do not consider myself a photographer (not even amateur), but from time to time, I get lucky and I say to my self, “darn that is a good photo I took”.    What happens next is typical, I think, for many of us…  It   goes into my local digital photo library, and it stays there collecting digital dust, until a rainy/cold Sunday night, I happen to be browsing the library and see it again, and say, “I should put these somewhere for others to enjoy“.

Of course at that time, I go into research mode, and look at the usual suspects, Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa, PHP photo sites and so many others, and get paralyzed by the choices and options, and end-up delaying  the decision because <list whatever reason you can think of…>.

This time I did not and and goe a WordPress plugin (Lasyest Gallery) to setup the gallery right on my blog.

Result:   Check out this  page to see some of my photography.    Leave me a note if you like the photos…