JORGEP026: Travel Day, Flight Delays

JORGEP026: Travel Day, Flight Delays

Yesterday, like most Mondays, was my commuting day. I usually head out the airport and then take a plane to wherever I am scheduled to be that week. As far as commuting days yesterday as bad as they get. In this episode my commute yesterday.

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How long can a pilot fly?

Fact Sheet – Pilot Flight Time, Rest, and Fatigue

The regulations for this are in 14 CFR 121 Subpart R—FLIGHT TIME LIMITATIONS: FLAG OPERATIONS.

In short, flight time limits within a rolling 24 hour period depend on the number of crew members assigned to the flight:

  • One or two pilot crews – 8 hours max
  • Two pilots and one additional flight crewmember: 12 hours max
  • Three or more pilots and an additional flight crewmember: More than 12 hours, but “adequate sleeping quarters on the airplane” will be provided



Date Recorded: December 12, 2017
Date Published: December 12 2017
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Length: 3:15

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MUSIC CREDIT:  Piano Loop 130 bpm  BY Alexander – under CC BY-SA 4.0

PHOTO CREDITS:    Jorge Pereira 2010 – 2023

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