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JORGEP040: Updates 2022001:Aug 2022-

JORGEP040: Updates 2022001:Aug 2022-

New Episode (#40)of jorgep Podcast: Updates Aug 2022

0:00 Intro
0:18 Inspiration for video
1:08 The Power of Limitations
2:24 Becoming an Artist
4:25 Family Proud
5:00 New Family Member
7:59 Back to the Beach
13:13 Closing logos

great inspirational video by @Laura BC where she talks about limitations…
This NEW Approach to Photography Will Change Your Career FOREVER!

2022001:Aug 2022-

First time using to create a full video for the channel — pretty cool — It is a bit different but love the simplicity and the fact that is all online… Try it for free with my affiliate link:

#doodleart #poweroflimitations #motivation

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