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JORGEP041: Happy Fall Allergy Time

JORGEP041: Happy Fall Allergy Time

Episode (41) of jorgep Podcast: Happy Fall Allergy Time

Recorded: October 7, 2022

A life update of since my last podcast a couple of months back — Very busy.

0:00 Intro

0:12 Allergy Season

0:25 Reconfiguring my Desk

1:11 Life is expensive right now!

2:19 Back in Costa Rica after 3 years

2:53 Thank you to the BBQ Chef ( Sergio

3:11 THANK YOU SISTER! Love you

3:32 Relaxing time

3:45 Work Updates

4:00 Hobbies Updates

4:28 Blog consolidation

5:09 Updates

6:19 New Family Member: 11 months old now!

6:56 YouTube channel updates

7:35 Session Bloopers

7:57 Closing Loop

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