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Shout-out to Podcast Network

Jason Calacanis, an established, proven entrepreneur and angel investor  who has started, sold and funded startups, and his crew produce a phenomenal set of podcast shows, out of their web property:

Two of my favorites, which I listen to whenever I get the chance are:

  • This Week in Startups (TWIST), offers aspiring entrepreneurs invaluable content and insight into the lives of startups of all genres. They can over 130 shows and counting. Twice a week, Jason and the TWIST crew interview a startup CEO, getting the inside scoop on the life and trials of startups. Each episode will include at least one other segment; Ask Jason, Shark Tank, or Startup News. If you have not watched TWIST, and you consider yourself an entrepreneur, you are missing a good one.
  • This Week in Venture Capital is a weekly show dedicated to understanding the venture community. Hosted by Mark Suster, who is a well known venture capitalist.

The wealth, quality and sheer quantity of knowledge consolidated into these shows is simply outstanding!

A big personal thanks Jason for your vision and leadership on this space! –

PS — I struggled a bit with this positing, on one topic:   How can I thank Jason without mentioning the grand-dad of podcasting (and President of the Internet 🙂 )  Leo Laporte  (and team)  for his body of work at TWIT.TV  with podcasts This Week in Google and This Week in Tech.    Their work was groundbreaking, and laid the foundation for much of what is to come. – Thanks Leo!